Just a Small Update

Hello, everyone. The game jam is over, and Crossroads took second place! Thank you to whoever liked our game or gave us feedback about your thoughts on it, we appreciate you greatly. While the jam is over, I did take the time to implement a couple of features and add them to the game. Now, when sabotaging the other road, a small window will pop up for a few seconds, showing you the enemy road. We had originally planned this, but didn't have time to finish implementing it before the jam ended. Additionally, I included a difficulty slider to the main menu so you can set the difficulty of the enemy to your liking, or to test yourself against a more challenging foe.

Again, thank you to anyone who played our game. If there's another jam, it'd be wonderful to join it again, and we'll be even better that time around. Enjoy!


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Jan 25, 2018

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